The Current Lakeview Swim Club Board of Directors are:

Debra Kathman - President

As President of the Board, Deb presides at the Annual meeting, special meetings and at all meeting of the Board of Directors. She performs several other tasks as needed and coordinates communications to the membership of the pool. If you don't know who does something, Deb is a good place to start.

Mark Pfeiffer - Vice President / Webmaster

As Vice-President, Mark has the duties of the President in Deb's absence. He is also responsible for making sure different reports get filed with Federal and State agencies. Mark is also in charge of the website. 

Sarah Bird - Secretary

As Secretary, Sarah prepares and maintains the minutes of all meetings and is responsible for custody of all official Corporate communications. The Secretary also maintains custody of the seal of the Corporation.

David Vaughan - Treasurer

The Treasurer has custody of all funds, securities, valuable papers and other assets of the pool. He keeps track of all assets and liabilities as well as prepares our annual financial statement.

James Macaranas - Membership

Membership is in charge of all aspects of membership -- if there are any questions about joining the pool, James is the one to contact.

Please contact James at

Andrew Foos - Operations and Maintenance

Our board members in charge of Operations and Maintenance take on the time-consuming tasks of coordinating with our pool management company and arranging for maintenance to be done on the pool and grounds.

Steve Kucharski - Social & Communications

Steve is in charge of fundraising, sponsorships, and club social activities and communications for the pool.

Andrew Nemets - Member-at-Large

Andrew is involved in all aspects of the pool board and fills in for activities when needed.

If you have any questions or comments for the board, please contact us at